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Are you ready to seize your content game and attract more leads to your business?

Drive organic growth to your website or social media platforms and ditch paid ads that cost you a huge amount. This is what my clients love and you can too get organic visitors and leads coming straight to you.

Is this you?

  • You publish content regularly on multiple online platforms but are still stuck with low views

  • You find it difficult to post consistently due to the lack of content ideas

  • You struggle to post highly converting content that brings you more inbound leads

  • You are posting content but without SEO tactics

  • You have no good results from your content even after spending hours creating it

  • You find it hard to track your audience's pulse and use them for your growth

  • You wonder how other business owners and creators enlarge their growth but not you.

Well! You landed in the right place my friend!

You're in a state

  • Where you run an online business that doesn't generate enough revenue 

  • You’re posting content consistently without having the right strategy and SEO in place

  • You see no growth in your business or your clients' that make you think twice


Now, Imagine

  • Your inbox is filled with inbound leads who are ready to work with you.

  • You help your clients using your power of content marketing and they are happy with the results.

  • Your business is making more money than you have ever thought.

  • You are very much happy with the impact, your business offers you and your clients.

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Are you interested to know more about SEO and content marketing that floods you with numerous inbound leads?

Introducing Beyond Regular
- your ultimate guide to weaving SEO and content marketing to stand out from the competition.

Once you start implementing the hacks from this book,


  • You won't run behind your clients, instead, they will reach you for your product or services

  • You won't break your head to think about what to post next to get more leads

  • You won't stand in the crowd and be left unnoticed by your prospects


Pre-book your copy now to escape from your nightmare of running behind your prospects who ghost you. 

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Extraordinary benefits that you will take away from this ebook

You will get to know,

  • How to incorporate proper SEO in your content that brings you more traffic to your business

  • How to create content that works well for your content marketing strategy


  • The art of captivating your dream clients through your customized content strategies


  • Bringing more organic leads to your website or blog that helps you in monetizing


  • The proper way of blogging that helps you scale your business 


  • How to diplomatically market your content, services, product, etc

You will stand out from the crowd using SEO and effective content marketing, instead of randomly posting and ghosting.


I'm sure, you will be seeing rapid growth in your online business when you start to take action with the knowledge you gained from this e-book.

Most importantly, who should have this ebook by their side?

  • Online Business Owners who want to grow their business and bring in more sales


  • Content Writers who want to become a pro at SEO


  • Aspiring Marketers who would like to market their content at an ultra-wide level


  • Bloggers who want to monetize their blog


And, anyone who would love to learn how SEO and Content Marketing work together to reach new audiences


Pre-book your copy now, to avail great discounts and to master your content strategies

A Sneak Peek of this ebook

Image by James Lee

All about SEO and its trends

Image by James Lee

All about content marketing

Image by James Lee

Team work of SEO and CM

Image by James Lee

Is any one of these enough?

Image by James Lee

How does content marketing help with blogs?

Image by James Lee

Why use SEO for your business blogs?

Image by James Lee

Traffic generation tips and tricks for your website

Image by James Lee

Surprise bonus chapters that blow your mind

What did people say about my previous ebook?

Confident Woman

Bella, Marketer

Asifa, your ebook is awesome! 

It made me realize so many things about the content strategy I was ignoring till now. Very informative, thanks for this amazing book.

Pretty Woman

Stacy, Business Coach

The ebook was power-packed and filled with lots of value. The way you mentioned customer persona is really impressive and I'm gonna follow the same.

The actual price of this ebook is 1499 INR

But now the price is just


654 INR 

Once you purchased, you will get this ebook straight to your inbox within 24 hours.

What are you waiting for?


Beyond Regular is a value bomb and will never come with this price again. 


So pre-book your copy today to skyrocket your content marketing plan.


Asifa, Author

I’m a content writer, strategist and SEO consultant. I have worked with 22+ online businesses globally and enlightened their journey. 

I normally put all my heart into everything I do and so in this book too!

I can’t wait to share all my experience and proven tips via this amazing e-book and to make you reach heights.


SEO and Content Marketing is a serious game and you have to devote the best effort you got.

Also, I’m now helping my fellow buddies to enter into the rocking world of Freelancing to start generating more revenue.

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